‘Mastermind’ EP – Eptic

Belgian wonder Michael Bella aka Eptic is ready to unleash his latest four track collection, out on Never Say Die on the 6th May. Showing his diversity as an artist across a number of styles, this EP is bound to create as much of a stir as the massive ‘Like a Boss’ did. 
NSDX039 1000We had a chat to Eptic about the release and his plans for this year.

NSD:  If you could sum up the last year in three words, what would they be? 

Eptic: Music, planes and pizza!

NSD: ‘Gutter’ which features on NSD UKF Volume 2  is an exclusive track from you, in your trademark darkly funky style. How do you go about putting a track together? 

Eptic: Well, firstly I search for some cool audio samples so I have some juice to work with,  then start from a simple beat so I can play around with ideas. It can then go anywhere from there!

NSD: Deathray VIP’ is another exclusive from you – the original is huge! Did you have fun reworking it?

Eptic: Thanks! I actually made a quick VIP purely to play out at shows but the reaction was so great that I decided to rework the whole track, and yes I enjoyed it a lot!

NSD: What are your personal favourites from the album?

Eptic: Buku’s ‘Fullagold’ is my all time favourite of the compilation, it’s the freshest thing I’ve heard in a while! ‘Final Cut’ by 501 and ‘CDXX’ ft. Trichome Syndicate by my man Habstrakt are high on my list as well!

NSD: ‘Mastermind’ is an EP full of variety. Is it important for you to explore different genres within your sound? 

Eptic: Yeah of course! I make a music in a lot of genres besides dubstep, most I don’t put out though. I think it’s neccessary to challenge yourself to be creative and get better results. It’s easy to get into a routine if you just stick to one genre.

NSD: You have spoken before about drum and bass being an early inspiration – this is evident in the jump up track ‘Space Business’.  Would you ever consider doing a purely DnB project?

Eptic: I was originally planning on doing a separate drum and bass project, but eventually the Eptic project went so well I decided to use it as an outlet for all my music and ideas.

NSD: How did the collaboration with Virus Syndicate come about on ‘Bust ‘Em Out’? 

Eptic: Well I’ve been wanting to do something with the Virus guys for a long time! Basically we talked about it, they made me some wicked vocals and I delivered the beats; simple as that!

NSD: You’ve also  been working quite a lot with Habstrakt recently,  both with ‘Ninja Challenge’ and playing b2b; anymore upcoming collaborations? 

Eptic: Haha, yeah he’s my partner in crime I suppose! We started a new track together a some while ago, hopefully it turns out as well as ‘Ninja Challenge’!

 NSD: Festival season is approaching – where can we catch you this summer?

Eptic: Well I suppose I’ll be doing a lot of festivals in Belgium again, and I almost have my US visa so I hope to do some shows there as well! I haven’t got all the information yet but I would love to play some more UK shows this summer!

 Don’t forget to head over to NSD to order your copy of the EP on 6th May!








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